• The answers to these questions should be short and understandable even for a person who is far from software development, but who may own the subject area. It is best to build a presentation of the concept in the form of a set of visual diagrams with some textual explanation for each of them. The use of notations that require special knowledge from the reader is not always welcome.


    Remember that the concept is the main project document that will be available to non-technical people inside and outside the team. It should enable the customer, top management, marketing specialists, potential consumers of the product or service to evaluate the system being developed.


    Which of the tasks formulated by the customer will be solved by this or that software tool? How will it solve the tasks? How will the functional quality indicators of the system be ensured?

    How will the software of the system interact with the user and external information systems? What interfaces and services will the system provide outside? How will non-functional quality measures be ensured?

    Ultimately, the main question is: how will the system as a whole solve the tasks set by the customer, taking into account the established restrictions?

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  • When the concept developer has an understanding of how the program will affect the customer's business processes, and what restrictions will be imposed on its functioning by the runtime environment, it is necessary to form a vision of what the product being developed will be.


    The concept designer should answer the following questions:


    Will the system be geographically distributed? If yes, what components will it be divided into and where will each component be/can be deployed? What communication channels between distributed components will/can be used? Are there communication channels available to the customer, or do they have to be created? Will communication channels be own or will they be rented? Who will be responsible for the lease of communication channels: the customer or the contractor?

    What software will be included in each component of the system? How will individual software tools interact with each other as part of a system component?

    What hardware and software platform will be used to deploy each system software tool? Will the vendor be responsible for purchasing, deploying, and maintaining the runtime?

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